Check Mate | Print Advertisement Pitch

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Through our print advertisement, we wanted to express ideas and concepts from our mission and vision statements. Check-Mate’s mission is to create healthier choices in people’s lifestyles by providing a healthier alternative to coffee while immersing a new cultural tradition in the states. Our advertisement will use its bold and lively color scheme to attract consumers and show the true livelihood and benefits of both Check-Mate and Yerba mate.

Our campaign will use the perception facet and the cognitive facet, the consumer will be able to see our advertisement in newspapers and on websites as well as think and understand through our slogan and links to further information. Our advertisement features a drawn Mate gourd that is designed very colorfully and lively to attract the eyes. It shows the traditional gourd and straw, known as a bombilla, as well as elaborate flowers and plants exploding on the page. Around the gourd is a radial design of the Chicago skyline, engulfing the whole matte gourd. This represents the immersion of Yerba mate to the states and shows how the traditional culture of Yerba mate will start to be seen in our cities. This will market successfully to our possible local consumers who strive to support local initiatives in the city of Chicago. Seeing the immersion of this cultural tradition in Chicago, represented in the advertisement will strike a response to local customers who want to get involved with this new trend. Located under the city skyline is an address to Check-Mate’s first store in Chicago. Our goal is to drive more in-store visits so, providing them with an address to visit is clearly stated in the advertisement.

“Check-Mate”, the name of our brand, is seen on the top in a modern font and located under is the slogan for the campaign, “Say check-mate to the coffee competitors with a healthier caffeine substitute!” This slogan will use the cognitive facet because it is very rational, and the consumer will be able to use cognitive reasoning after reading. This slogan will help our advertisement stick because it will make it clear for our well-informed organic customers that we can offer a healthier option to avid coffee drinkers. Using the play on words of “check mate” will imply that Check-Mate has won some game against coffee competitors. In our campaign, that game is living a healthy lifestyle, so the goal is for consumers to also feel motived to win the game by using our product. ­­Located on the bottom is also the official USDA Organic and Non-Gmo Verified seal. Many organic customers that have been buying organics for a while will recognize these seals as they are usually on the lookout for them as they shop. Having this on our advertisement will further solidified that our product is the healthy option they have been looking for this whole time. Without looking at Check-Mate’s further information or social media, they will be able to automatically know how healthy our product is and that will stick in their mind next time they crave caffeine.

Another visual in our advertisement is a silhouette drawing of a South American rainforest holly tree, the tree in which Yerba mate leaves grow from. Located in the middle of the tree is the brand initials “CM” in the same modern font as located above. This stands as the logo for the brand and will be used on cups, posters, stickers, and on social media. It is placed on this advertisement so when people just see the “CM” tree they will be able to remember where it is from and what it is for.  Using this as a brand image will remind our targeted audience that a mental picture for our company is a tree, something that is used to represent nature, health and life.

In order to ensure a strong social media presence and capitalize on worth of mouth marketing, the bottom of the advertisement has information about Check-Mate’s Twitter, Instagram, website and a hashtag to follow along with the company and its growth. Factors that drive the perception response is exposure and interest, being able to show the companies social media presence will spark an interest in our consumers to receive more information though our links. Wanting to increase user generated content with photos, reviewers, and blogs, the hashtag #CMByeCoffee will help the consumers and the company track the activity of the product on the web.



Trace Race | Designing Physical Prototyes

TraceRace: Advanced, industrial stickers placed on important items to locate them and keep track of belongings.
It is very common for people to be frustrated with losing everyday objects such as cell phones, keys, wallets, laptops, important documents, etc. TraceRace is a new system to sole this problem by providing GPS location services and alert notifications to help keep track of important items. There are similar systems to TraceRace like “TrackR” and “Tile” but I have researched the common issues with these similar products in order to create an improved product. For an idea or concept as simple and useful as this, there must be something very wrong with similar products if using tracking devices like this are not a social norm yet. I intend to use negative reviews on similar products and my own insight and experience to create these versatile tracking stickers.


  • GPS location services
  • App and computer interface for tracking. App is compatible on iOS and Android, and
  • Google platforms.
  • Small speaker enables 70-120 decibels sound to locate lost items. Sound may be changed on app to fit each lost situation.
  • Industrial stickers yet, not permanent. Will stay on any service but easy removal process wont leaves sticky residue.
  • Small size, smaller than the size of a dime. Can easily be hidden on item or so small you cannot even notice.

Design: This grayscale design is the original design for TraceRace stickers. However, as the products develop further, more designs in different colors could emerge for the consumers that do not want to hide their sticker on their products. Creating more designs for the stickers will have consumers embrace the product similar to the way Pop Sockets with cool designs and colors are found on people’s phones and devices.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 10.00.02 PM.png

Why I Chose Passive RIFD Chip:

  • Passive RIFD systems use tags with no internal power source but are powered by the energy transmitted to the RIFD reader, which in TraceRace is the app.
  • They have a lower price point per tag and the size is smaller than other active RIFD chips or similar ones.
  • They can fit into our design well and be covered by other material, so they will not be harmed by the outside world.
  • 3 main frequencies, the higher the frequencies the longer the range read
  • Tags can last a long time because of no battery

Interface Design